No Turning Back Now

After 8 hours in the car dad and I finally made it to West Palm Beach, home away from home. It rained the entire way and most of the ride was silent. Music helped. Any attempt to talk about saying good-bye to Charleston friends or what the surgery would entail and I would burst into tears. Change can be fun but change can also be extremely difficult. I feel like knowing what to expect makes this experience a little bit more nerve racking.

When we got to our extended stay suite, wheel chair and all, it finally hit me; there was no turning back. This was really going to happen. Again, I burst into tears and after a good cry I felt so much better. Sometimes you just have to let it all out. Everything is going to be ok and I will get through it.

The weather here is certainly warmer than when we left Charleston this morning and it is still storming as I write this. After unpacking everything and making the room feel “home-y” daddy-o and I ventured out to Target for a few things and to the store to pick up stuff for dinner. One thing I know that I am going to struggle with is eating here. For about 5 months I have been a strict vegetarian. After surgery I don’t see myself bouncing around our bitty little kitchenette here at the lovely Hilton Homewood Suites to make myself a meal. Let me also mention that dad doesn’t cook much and all the meals that are offered here are NOT veggie-person friendly. Meatball subs, BBQ burgers, Chicken pot pie… Once again, I will make do 🙂 Hello Boca, Morningstar Farms, Amy’s and Quorn!

Tomorrow is my pre-op visit. All of the paperwork and last minute chat with the anesthesiologists, PA’s and the big man himself. Wednesday is the big day. I will find out what time the actual surgery is tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for being first in line. Waiting under immense amounts of stress is not my forte. Thank God for drugs. Atavan, Valium; I’ll take anything.

Will post pictures of the new pad soon. Until then, I am going to hop into my plush king sized bed and call it a night.


 Our fun little kitchenette!

Things I keep close to my heart. Yes, my cute plant is one of them 🙂

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