One More Day

An older picture of the PALLI team. Dr. Paley, John, Servando, Me, Jen and Kim.
Tomorrow is the day. 1:30 pm. Maybe I didn’t get my wish to be first on the surgery schedule but I’ll take what I can get. We have to be there two hours early for all the admission paperwork, getting an IV started, etc. Surgery is supposed to be 5 hours long, I am going to go ahead and say 6. There is no time like Paley time šŸ™‚ During my pre-op visit I was given a physical and talked with the anesthesiologist. Come to find out since my physical on the 21st of this month I have lost 8lbs. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. I am sure it has something to do with me being a nervous wreck.
It was really nice to see everyone at PALLI whom I have missed so much. The Institute is like home away from home and I know I am in the best hands possible here. West Palm Beach is a beautiful place to be.
After talking to DP he confirmed surgery details. Two taylor spatial frames, one on each leg. They will be double level osteotomies (two breaks); one near the knee and one near the ankle. What I am super excited about is that my feet will be free, no pins or wires through my ankles. Weight bearing as tolerated so I guess I am going to have to rekindle my love for crutches. Physical therapy is every day and if I am lucky I might even get pool therapy. Fingers crossed.
Thank you to everyone for the well wishes. It means so much to me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my friends and family. Love you all!
As for the rest of the day, pops wasn’t a huge fan of the pull-out couch so we are going to try and find him some kind of plush mattress pad to help him out. I do feel a little bad since I am practically swimming in the king sized bed. But hey, I offered to switch. Other than that, just going to be hangin’ out. 
The Breakers in Palm Beach
Love and sunshine šŸ™‚

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