Baby Steps

Day two post-op and I’m hanging in there. No more PCA pump 😦 just oral pain meds. Finally got out of that stupid gown and put some skivies and a t-shirt on. Maybe it took me fifteen minutes to get clothes on but I feel a whole lot better. Today was the second time I transferred out of bed and into the wheelchair. Moving my right leg is a piece of cake. The frame is a lot smaller and therefore my leg is lighter. The left leg on the other hand is a lot more cumbersome. Both continuously make this weird clicking noise as if some of the hardware has not been tightened down. Apparently with the TSF frame some clicking is normal. It feels really strange but thank goodness it doesn’t really hurt. As a result of being intubated during anesthesia, my top lip is swollen and numb. It feels like I got punched in the face. Occupational therapy came in earlier and made my foot splints to prevent my Achilles from tightening. They aren’t the most comfortable contraptions but I will do whatever it takes to prevent an additional surgery.

My head is foggy today and I feel like “ca-ca” both side effects of the pain meds. At this point I am willing to give up the pain meds so I can think clearly and feel more like myself. So far the pain has not been too bad. The pain is worse when I am moving around. But even so, I can tolerate it. From here on out I’m taking baby steps, just moving a little bit at a time.

Pin care is still on the agenda for today. We’ll see how this goes…


New foot splints. Fancy 🙂

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