Let’s Do This

Arrived two hours prior to my scheduled surgery at the hospital yesterday. So unnecessary. When I was taken into the pre-op area I learned that there were still 2 more Paley cases to go into the operating room ahead of me. Not. Cool. Rather than have dad just sit around waiting the whole time, I told him to go get lunch and relax at the hotel. My scheduled surgery time was 1:30 and after two doses of valium, they finally rolled me back into the OR at 5:30. Roughly 5 hours later the procedure was finished. Dr. Paley called mom and explained that everything went well. Meanwhile, up in recovery, I woke up and my legs were throbbing. Nurses began to rush around like chicken’s with their heads cut off to try and get me something for pain. My PCA pump hadn’t been hooked up yet so I got Loritab. Almost instantly I felt better. An hour later I met dad up in my hospital room and he helped settle me in. PCA pump is up and runnng. Morphine is a miracle drug, lemme tell ya 🙂 Dad went home to get some shut-eye at the hotel, I insisted. It was stupid for him to just sit around when it was already so late. Once finally squared away I became super drowsy and ready to sleep. Finally.

For the next 4 months…

 With everyone in and out of the room last night I was in and out of sleep. The good news is that my pain is manageable. With the help from physical therapy I was able to transfer out of bed and into the wheelchair. Baby steps. One of the PA’s, John, rounded earlier in the day and Dr. Paley poked his head in later in the evening. He said that everything looks good and he was pleased with how the surgery went. Tomorrow I must tackle more physical therapy and pin care. My favorite.

All this morphine is making me a tad bit drowsy. Until next time.


P.S. Thank you all for the phone calls, e-mails and flowers. You guys are amazing 🙂

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