Going Home

The doc just came in with his entourage. I can go home and by “home” I mean the hotel. I’ll take it. It is virtually impossible to sleep here. People are continuously in and out of the room; doctors, nurses, housekeeping, phlebotomy. You get the gist. Maybe tonight I will actually get some solid sleep. Let the healing process begin!

First day of physical therapy is Monday. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little nervous. So far I have mastered the art of transferring from wheelchair to bed but standing is a completely different story. My first shot at that will be today. PT isn’t going to be easy but it has to be done. I might as well get in that mindset now.

On the agenda this morning: pin care, get the drain taken out and remove all other paraphernalia, IV’s etc. If it is my lucky day maybe I can get some shorts on too 🙂

Can’t help but think about the big weekend in Charleston with the Cooper River Bridge Run. Wish I was there to cheer everyone on. I miss all the downtown craziness.

For now, I’m in the moment, doing what I can. Things will get better with every day and nothing will stop me.

Going home. Don’t judge, this is day 4 without a shower. Ew!


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