Something to Ponder

It’s hardly 9:30 in the morning and I have already had my fill of excitement for the day. About 15 minutes ago the fire alarm went off. Oh joy. We weren’t quite sure if it was a test or if this was the real thing. Dad went into the hall and it appeared to be the real thing. People were evacuating down the stairs. Now you and I both know that in the event of a fire, the elevators shut down. Well here is something to ponder, why would you put a handicapped accessible room on the 4th floor of a hotel knowing well that most handicapped people don’t tackle stairs? Thank God that we didn’t have to evacuate, come to find out, otherwise I would have had to be carried down 4 flights of stairs. Seeing as it is only day 4 post-op, I don’t think it would have been a pretty situation. Maybe a room on the 1st floor would be in our best interest?

Oy vey.

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