Wonderful Day

Soo many reasons to be happy today…
1. I slept in until 8am today. That is huge compared to the other night. I was rested and ready for the day and it was wonderful.
2. Not only do I have bionic legs. As of this morning I have CLEAN bionic legs because I got to shower today! It was the greatest feeling ever. Mr. Fix It came and finally fixed the shower so I continue my daily ritual of showering and pin care.
3. Went to my first physical therapy appointment and got up walking 🙂 No more wheelchair in the hotel. Thank goodness.

What else? Tomorrow I start lengthening/adjusting. As of today I am only taking tylenol for pain and I am getting along just fine. Insurance also cleared me to do pool therapy next week as soon as my incision has healed.

Something not so fun. Apparently as a result of that stupid intubation from surgery I have now developed thrush in my mouth. It is extremely painful to eat or drink anything. They have prescribed antibiotics but as of today it still hurts like a biotch. I’m just sayin’…

My heart aches for Charleston like whoa. I miss my friends. I miss work. I miss my daily routine. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. I will be back there soon enough 🙂

Love and sunshine.

Incision from where the old “useless” hardware came out.

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