Giving In

Lengthening and adjusting day 4 and I just can’t take it anymore. They tylenol clearly isn’t doing anything at this point so I have given in and took my first pain med in over a week. Fingers crossed that I don’t get sick and that I can finally sleep through the night.

Great news, I start pool therapy on Monday and I go 5 days a week in addition to land therapy. SO very excited. Actually tomorrow I am hoping to jump in the hotel pool. After laying out in the Florida sun today, working on my tan, I figured “why not?” the chlorine is good for the pin sites and walking will be a piece of cake! So pumped 🙂 I am doing my best to do everything but sit and mope in the room.Tonight dad and I went to dinner and then to a minor league baseball game. It was a perfect night for a game and it felt good to be out doing something. Big steps. After getting back to the hotel I received an ENORMOUS package from the Jamison’s full of Italian goodies. They are so sweet and dad was all over it. I told him to hold off on the sardines until tomorrow. Eeewies.

Tomorrow we move rooms. Thank God. We will be on the first floor instead of the fourth and dad will get a bed. Should work out quite nicely. Harry Connick Jr. plays tomorrow night as well and our plan is to try and secure tickets to that gig down in Boca Raton. I’m pretty excited. Florida (and dad of course) are treating me well.

First clinic visit wit Dr. Paley is a week from Tuesday and I am excited to see x-rays. Just looking at my legs I can notice a big difference in how much straighter they are.

Who loves adjustment time? Not me 😦

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. If you are in Charleston, go to the farmer’s market for me pleaseeeeeee.

Love, sunshine and GO SOX!

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