Water Cures All

Guess who went swimming today?! That’s right, me. It was wonderful. For hours I stood in the pool walked around and did my physical therapy exercises. What a great feeling to be vertical again! The weather here was absolutely beautiful, it has been just about every day. My biggest concern was scaring the crap out of people with my bionic legs but it wasn’t even an issue. Everyone here is very friendly.

Talk about skill 🙂

 The pain and aches still continue to be an issue. Even after taking pain meds last night and today I find myself very achy most of the day. Last night however, I did manage to find some sleep. Woohoo! Hopefully after all the activity in the pool today I can sleep like a baby tonight 🙂

Right now we are sitting outside around the pool while dad grills some sausages (veggie burger for me) and enjoys a brewski. At this point I really can’t complain.


One thought on “Water Cures All

  1. Katie says:

    You're amazing K. So glad that you got to swim today and are able to find light in this situation. It takes a special kind of person to be able to do that. Thinking about you!

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