Beautiful Day

Sorry it has been a day or so, now I am trying to play catch-up. Sunday was just horrible. After getting up early and enjoying breakfast with dad I was convinced it was going to be a decent day. So wrong. Immediately following my turns I experienced the worst aching in my left leg. I took my pain medicine and figured that if I hung out in the pool for a little while my muscles might feel a little bit better. Liddy, a little girl who completed her fist lengthening phase and her mom Jen were in town and they came and sat by the pool for a little while. They were in WPB for a follow-up with Dr. Paley. Liddy looks wonderful after her first surgery and is planning on starting phase two during the winter of 2012. Words can’t describe how nice it was to talk to people who understood my pain and what I was going through. Our conversation distracted me from the pain but shortly after the pain grew more intense and the water wasn’t helping. The more it hurt, the more cranky I became. One of Dr. Paley’s physician assistants suggested that I skip turns for the following day (yesterday) and split them up between breakfast and lunch the next day (today). Sounded like a plan but for the time being I just had to deal the the tremendous amount of discomfort that was thrown at me. After more pain meds I managed to fall asleep and take a very late but much needed nap. Waking up at 6:45 I found a text message from one of my best friends from college, Maura. She was coming to visit. Yes!

So glad Miss Maura came for a visit!

Monday was my first day of pool therapy on Palm Beach, very shwanky. All of the ladies that work there are very nice and know their stuff. The pool was warm and my therapist gave me massages on both feet while in the water. Heaven. She explained that the fascia on the bottoms of my feet were extremely tight and could be causing the pain in my legs. After pool therapy I had land therapy which is going very well. I am keeping my muscles loose which is oober important! After arriving home from therapy Maura made an appearance shortly after. Words cannot describe how good it was to see her. We sat and just talked for quite a long time over a beverage or two 😉 For dinner we met Jen, Liddy, Servando, Caroline and Dr. Hot (Chris) at Rocco’s Tacos in downtown West Palm. It was so wonderful to get out and about and feel somewhat normal again. Aside from the Red Sox losing we all had such a wonderful time. Oh I was laughing and smiling until my cheeks hurt. Around 11pm Dad, Maura, Chris and I departed for the hotel. It had been a beautiful day.

Our extremely fun dinner group

Today was my first day back turning. Half of my turns that I did this morning did not seem to phase me one bit. Maura and I hung out at the pool until I had to go to therapy at 2. We parted ways and it was sad to see her go. But something tells me she’ll be back 😉 PT was great. Today I worked with a new therapist, Fran and she rubbed my sore muscles down so well. If only I could get that 24/7. Oy. My second set of turns did not go so nicely. Right now I’m struggling a little bit but last night was so worth it 🙂


One thought on “Beautiful Day

  1. Julie says:

    Kristen! These pictures make me mucho happy. 🙂 Love that you're updating this thing & love that you're doing well. Keep rockin girl! Thinkin bout you!

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