Hope for the Hopeless

As you can see it has been a while since I have posted. The past few days have not been good ones. If I’m not at therapy then I am in pain. If I’m not in pain then I am jacked up on pain pills barely able to function or put together sentences

Let’s go back to the previous post. Turns out the xrays showed that the night before I had indeed suffered preconsolidation in addition to a tethered periostium. We turned the frame back 3 days to eliminate the tension and extreme pain. That now puts me a total of 5 days behind schedule. For 2 days I was able to find some relief.

Socially it has been pretty difficult especially after Maura left. But lately there has been a group of us Paley patients that congregate outside around the patio to chat and laugh (the best medicine)

Again, to be continued. Totally exhausted.

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