Up and down, up and down, up and down. That is what life has been like, even last weekend. Anything but relaxing. The adjustments are far more painful than I ever imagined. If I miss taking a dose of pain medicine by as little as 30 minutes the pain worsens. For now, I do my best to stay on top of my schedule and remain positive throughout this rollercoaster ride.

This past weekend I was able to spend some more time in the pool which felt amazing on my back and butt. Sitting all of the time has started to take its toll on my body making that stupid wheelchair my enemy. But I learned the hard way that too much too soon has its consequences. So for now I am using the wheelchair and walking here and there with my walker or crutches. In an effort to escape the confinement of the hotel room Saturday evening, Dad and I went into City Place to grab a bite to eat and watch some live music. Sunday was a very uneventful Easter; the best part was being in less pain because my adjustments were postponed until Monday.

Ah yes, another week and more discomfort. Therapy has been getting harder and with all of the stretching of my muscles and soft tissues my legs are becoming more and more sensitive. Muscle spasms are the most recent hurdle. Recently they have been non-stop and the muscle relaxers aren’t working. Today was the last day of adjustments on my left leg so I can only hope and pray that things on the left will get better. Even though I have another week and a half to go on the right, it is just lengthening so I should tolerate it ok.

The end result will be worth it all.


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