One Month Down, One To Go

Hard to believe that it’s May already. Where has the time gone?

The weekend was fairly uneventful. Unfortunately I never made it into the pool to do any therapy because there were too many kids running around. Saturday night we went out to dinner with Carmen and Ed, a couple who both have Spina Bifida, their journey with Dr. Paley was over and it was time for  them to go home. Dinner at Carrabbas was fun. That night I actually ate a decent amount of food, maybe the biggest portion since we have been here. After dinner, back at the hotel we hung out by the pool and chatted for awhile. Ed bought Dr. Paley’s book, “Principles of Deformity Correction,” online and had everyone from The Paley Institute sign it.

Carmen and I at dinner

 Sunday we said good-bye to Ed and Carmen and greeted Tommy and Johan, who stopped in for a visit before they left on their cruise. Johan is a nurse and made a few suggestions on what to do for my reoccurring muscle spasms and constant aching. We all went out to dinner at a restaurant in City Place and I got some frozen custard on our way back to the car. Ice Cream is the one thing I always manage to have an appetite for, I guess it’s better than eating nothing at all. As we were leaving downtown to come back to the hotel we heard the fireworks start down by the water for Sunfest. Dad drove toward the Intercoastal to get a better view. In true Mass driving fashion he pulled over where the road was blocked off and put the hazards on. Those were the most amazing fireworks I have EVER seen. I can only imagine what July 4th is like.

Therapy today went smoother than usual. Some of my muscles are overly tight which is the cause of the muscle spasms. It is extremely important that I keep my legs stretched out and loose. This will decrease the spasms and likelihood of getting a knee contracture. I stop turning on my right leg Saturday. We are getting closer to the end 🙂

Dad and I hanging out by the pool.

Here’s to a new week 🙂


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