Same old story these past few days, hurt, hurt, hurt. Only on the right leg, thank goodness. The left leg has been just peachy since I stopped all adjustments on that side. If I don’t take my meds every four hours the pain gets worse. Another major issue has been muscle spasms. They are constant and are costing me valuable hours of sleep. Not cool. It got so bad in therapy today that they sent me to clinic, again. At this point Paley probably thinks that I miss him and pop my head in to say hello once a week. So not the case. Today he pretty much said that no medication is going to help the spasms and to pause the turns for a few days and then resume. But I am SO CLOSE to the end. Saturday. The more I postpone my turns the longer I stay in WPB. So my plan is to hold off today and continue my last turns this weekend. Monday is my 2 week check-up in clinic with x-rays and the whole she-bang. Fingers crossed that everything looks superb and I can just start to heal.

Today is Cinco de Mayo. My favorite holiday. Alas this year I am leaving it up to some of you to do the celebrating for me 🙂 Arrrriiibbaa. Good thing dad was easily convinced that margaritas tonight are a good idea. A little night cap wouldn’t hurt, right? Unfortunately dinner tonight is not tacos. Boo. How I would kill for some Santi’s right now.

Today I also learned something new. Barometric pressure and I are no longer friends. Last night after showering and doing pin care etc. I situated myself on my bed to work on my book a little bit before popping in a movie. My legs didn’t feel too bad and I cracked a small smile in relief. No less than an hour later my right leg began to throb all of the sudden. My comfort was short lived and I couldn’t figure out why. Well come to find out it had started raining and when it rains the barometric pressure drops which directly affects my legs due to all the pins. It is still raining out and I’m still not a happy camper. Sigh. I can do this. Sunday is the last day.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Amor.

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