I couldn’t take it anymore. Every night I lay in bed in pain unable to sleep because my right leg just constantly throbs. Tomorrow was supposed to be my last day of turns but I bucked up and did everything this morning. The way I see it: I would rather go through the pain now and tire myself out so I can possibly sleep tonight than go tonight and tomorrow night still in pain. So far it hasn’t been pretty. My leg is throbbing but it’s done and I hope by Monday the pain will have subsided tremendously.

Physical therapy has been very difficult the past week or so. My right knee has tightened up to the point where the therapist has to force it straight. Yesterday I was borderline tears because I was in so much pain. Over the weekend I am determined to get that knee a little looser. About an hour ago dad helped me to stretch it out. Even though it hurt like hell I was so, so close to getting my right leg completely straight. I feel a little better knowing that there is no contracture in sight.

We are sitting outside right now, there is a beautiful breeze and it feels wonderful. From here on out I can only hope that things are going to get better. My goal is to be scooting around with my walker or crutches before we leave West Palm Beach. If I’m lucky, maybe I will be virtually pain free. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and some things i can look forward to. Tonight little Joseph and his dad come into town for their appointment on Monday and I am excited to see them. Tuesday evening Maura is coming back into town for a couple of nights and I cannot wait to see her. Hopefully 10 days from today dad and I will be on our way to Charleston. I need my spirits lifted and I know Charleston will do that. After Charleston we are heading to North Carolina for Derek’s graduation from Elon. Funny how it works out perfectly in that I am able to go. From Elon we make our final trek home to heal.


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