I Can See The Light

Guess what?! No more adjustments I had my final clinic appointment yesterday and after a 5 hour wait we finally saw the big guy. He thought he’d be clever and say that I needed two more weeks of adjustments and another fixator on my femur but I saw right through that funny business. Nice try Dr. Paley 😉 He was actually quite thrilled with the results and said that the worst is officially over. Now all I have to do is heal. After the good news we went back to the hotel and celebrated at our usual spot on the patio with fellow Paley patients. Dad enjoyed some tequila and was happy he could finally let loose a little bit since the “nightmare on 45th Street” was finally over. (Yes that is a direct quote from him and from those of you who may be a little confused, the hospital is on 45th Street) I enjoyed an episode of Elmo’s World with my little boyfriend Joseph too.

Did someone just say Elmo? (I am going to miss this little guy)

Therapy today was better. My right knee is still pretty tight but the stretches are getting easier. It is hard to believe that Monday will be my last day for pool and land therapy. Actually, I’m rather sad about it. I love everyone that I have worked with and not seeing them everyday is going to be quite a change. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to finally get home but a piece of my heart will always be in West Palm Beach.

This is the crazy tape job I got for the swelling in my left calf. Pretty crazy right?!

Tonight Maura comes back in town to visit and actually she is going to be “Kristen-sitting” while dad takes a very well deserved break and goes to visit some family on the Gulf Coast. I am so excited to see her 🙂


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