Pain Free Fun

What a wonderful week. Maura got into town on Wednesday evening straight from work and we hung out and just chatted for a while. Then Dad came back to the room and said that they were shooting some pool down the hall. So Maura and I, in our pajamas, wandered down the hall to see what dad, Chris (the surgeon from New Zealand) and Pshemik (a fellow from Poland whose niece had surgery with Dr. Paley) were up to. What fun we had. My face hurt from laughing so hard. The guys were so obnoxious it was hilarious. Chris ended up being a pool shark and won just about every game he played. We ended up going to bed around 2 am. The next morning dad left for his little trip to see his uncle and cousin. Maura and I laid by the pool for awhile and I did some pool therapy. Then I got on my bus to go to land therapy. Upon my return to the hotel Maura and I sat out on the patio and enjoyed some coronas and chips with homemade salsa from another patients mom who was staying at Homewood. Later that evening we found ourselves playing more pool with Chris and Pshemik. Again, another wonderful evening. Thursday morning Maura and I went back out by the pool for awhile and then visited a little while longer after I got back from therapy until she had to leave later in the afternoon.

The fountain at City Place

Dad had a great visit with his family. It was a good break for us both. Since my last day of turns, almost a week ago, my right leg has calmed down so much. Physical therapy has not been as painful and I am able to get my right knee much straighter. Thank goodness. No fear of contracture at this point.

This is our last weekend in West Palm and even though I am excited to see family and be home I am going to miss everyone here terribly. It’s going to be hard to leave 😦

Dad and I out at City Place one night. Fancy new leg covers. Woo!

Love and sunshine.

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