Bustin’ Out

Servando, myself and Chris. Two of my favorite guys!

We certainly left WPB with a bang. Our last weekend in town we went to dinner at Rocco’s with Chris, Caroline and Servando. Monday I had to say bye to all my therapy pals. That night I grabbed dinner with Kim, another PA at PALLI, and her three boys Billy, Jackson and Sawyer. They were hilarious and had me laughing the entire time. Upon returning to the hotel I found quite the crowd out on the patio. Chris, Przemek, Dad, some of the hotel staff and a few newbies were hanging out having some beers. We stayed out chatting until about 11:30 when the party moved inside for a pool showdown.  By 1 in the morning I still had to do pin care and both dad and I had to get up early to journey north. We said good-bye to Chris and some of the staff at the hotel.

Dad and I with Kateva
Dawn, Patrick, Przemek, Doug, Dad and Chris

The gang again

See ya later West Palm! That’s right folks, believe it or not we are headed home with many pit stops along the way. Dad and I left WPB early Tuesday morning and arrived around 5 in Charleston. It was so good to be back, even if it was just for a couple days. Tuesday evening I had dinner with Dan and Elli at Whole Foods. Amazing as always and so good to see those two. Elizabeth joined in the fun and then shuttled me back to her house where I was able to see everyone! It almost felt like I never left, almost. We just hung around and talked, laughed and I watched them drink πŸ˜‰ The next morning we switched hotels because the initial one we were staying at was a little “dumpy” if you will. That afternoon I was able to get lunch with some girls from 7 East and then scoot over to MUSC to see people on the floor. It was so wonderful to see everyone again. I missed a few 7-East’ers but it’s impossible to see everyone. Sorry guys 😦 I miss you all already! That evening, after a lovely 30 minute, much needed cat nap, I met Elli at Ok-u for happy hour. We just talked for two hours and it was the best ever. Since every establishment in Charleston likes to blast the air conditioning I don’t last long inside due to the metal in my legs. After my girls night with Elli I was again picked up by Mama Miller (Elizabeth) and went to hang-out at her house where I was able to see a few more faces before I left.

This morning we left the hotel and I made some last minute good-byes before hitting the road for North Cack-a-lack. Currently I am in the hotel stretching the legs out after yet another car ride. And let me just say that trying to take a shower by sitting in the bathtub is not easy. If only more hotels made handicapped rooms with 2 double beds instead of just one king. Oh well. I am grateful we made it safe and sound. Seeing mom and Derek was nice and I am happy to announce that I am officially off pain meds. Just tylenol. Yessss!

Do I smell a nap? I think yes!

The boys, Caroline and I.


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