Closer to the end?

So, it’s almost July. Another set of x-rays in a week and hopefully my right leg has decided to get in line and heal properly. Apparently Dr. Paley is out of the country the middle two weeks of July so that means removal will certainly be at the end of the month. I can’t say I am overly excited about that. My heart was set on having some summer freedom but those hopes are looking a little dim. Four weeks in casts is a long time and it looks like my butt will be in a wheelchair the whole month of August. I just keep telling myself that things could be worse and it is so true. Until the date of removal, while I am still mobile, I intend on enjoying my summer to it’s fullest, not letting these frames drag me down.

On the bright side, I made a discovery last night. Red wine is a wonderful sleep aid. It isn’t perfect but I definitely slept better last night, un-medicated if you will, than I have in months. FINALLY! Physical therapy is going well. I would really like to be walking unassisted by the time I return to WPB for removal and I am getting closer to that goal. Throughout the day I have little spurts of walking around the house sans crutch. My right leg is the only thing holding me back with pain at the fracture site. As long as that pain does not indicate lack of bone growth I can be ok with it.

Until x-rays next week my fingers remain crossed and hopes high for healing.


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