A Little Leg Jealousy

So, I think my right leg is jealous of the left. Now that the left fixator has been removed my right leg is lashing out and causing me some major discomfort. I thought we were over this. Maybe this is a wake-up call for quick healing! What a breeze the cast has been. Not only am I a whole lot lighter but I am still very mobile and sleep so much better at night. In fact, I feel like a whole new person. One leg down and one to go. (Hint, hint, right leg; hurry up and heal already!)

Happily I can announce that my book is actually beginning to take shape. Currently I have about 30 pages typed on word, single spaced. Every day I try to type just a little bit. Caroline, Dr. Paley’s patient liazon and a very dear friend has put me in touch with some hospital staff so that I can get some definite dates for all of my procedures dating back to 1998. My memory gets a little fuzzy in the middle of all the medical hooplah 😉

Whoa baby, it’s only Monday. Do something nice for yourself this week.


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