Breath of Fresh Air

Over a week later and my right leg still hurts. Beats me why this is so. I have vowed not to let pain get in the way of my everyday life. The beat goes on. Walking can be unbearable at times but the weight bearing is now my only hope to get this right leg to heal. The good news is, no more cast! One free leg and one still caged up. C’mon right leg! Not having to wear the cast is one step closer and I continually tell myself that, at least 20 times a day, so I don’t get too down.

Home has been driving me absolutely nuts lately so this past weekend I again ventured back up to Sebago for some more life on the lake. Family friends Kelly, AJ and their three kids joined me for the weekend. What a breath of fresh air. The kids were just go, go, go ALL weekend. Needless to say I slept well.

Love these kids. John, Gracie and Emma. Great excuse for me to act like a kid too πŸ™‚

One morning while enjoying coffee on the porch over looking the lake, Kell and I got to talking about my plans to re-apply to graduate school, moving back to Charleston and rehabilitation. My goal is to be in decent physical condition by December 4 to walk, jog and maybe run the 5K down in Palm Beach, FL. The run will benefit the Paley Foundation and I am going to try and raise $2000.00 for the event. Currently, I am working on a press release for when I return to Charleston. Not only do I want people to donate to this amazing cause but I also want to shed light on one of Charleston’s precious gems and a close friend of mine, Elli Boland. Back in January I started working with Elli to ready myself for my upcoming surgery. Not only did she whip my ass into amazing physical condition but she also went deeper to address my emotional and spiritual health. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have her in my life. So, in the press release, I have also included the story of our (Elli and myself) journey together. More people need to know about this amazing woman and how much she changes lives. Hopefully Elli will be accompanying me to WPB to run alongside me in the 5K. The press release is still under construction but I’m hoping for a successful finished product. Stay tuned…

After expressing my burning desire to continue helping Paley patients, Kelly suggested making and donating fixator covers. What an amazing idea. My mom made me a few covers for my frames and they are super easy to do. One problem, where on earth do I start with that? Ideas? Anyone? Seriously, I am open to any advice. I don’t know the first thing about starting a business. But at this point, all of my free time is starting to drown me so a big project like this would be perfect!

It is day two of rain which is perfect for all of the writing I have to do. Press release, book, fundraising letter. Phew! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week πŸ™‚


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