Outta My Way Irene

Happy Tuesday! and Happy 23rd Birthday to my big, little brother 🙂

So apparently there was an earthquake a few hours ago in Virginia that people felt all the way up here in Boston. I am really glad I didn’t feel anything, I think that would have sent me right over the edge. People on facebook were claiming to be ‘jealous’ that they didn’t feel anything. Really? Have people already forgotten about the tragedies in Japan and Haiti? Let’s be thankful for what we do have and that everyone who did have to deal with the shakes earlier, are indeed ok.

That being said, we obviously aren’t out of the woods yet. All I can say is, Irene, you better stay out of my way and not ruin my travel plans to Florida on Sunday. Dad and I fly out early in the morning and are set to arrive around noontime in WPB. My clinic appointment is scheduled for 2:30 Monday afternoon. Everyone is just assuming that the frame is coming off. But I am not so sure. The last thing I want to do is set myself up for disappointment. Honestly, at this point, I will be so thankful to just have the pain problem solved. Constant hurt is physically and emotionally draining. Today, for the first time in a long time, I slept in until noon. Not going to lie, it was pretty amazing and my body obviously needed the rest.

Right now as a precaution, I am on antibiotics. As thankful as I am for them. they suck. Ever since I started them on Saturday, I have felt like crap. You win some, you lose some and this is just one of those win/lose situations I suppose. Oh well.

This afternoon I caught up via phone call with a very dear friend who is about to leave for Germany. It has been THREE years since she has seen her family. I can’t even imagine the feelings and emotions that she is experiencing. Just thinking about her excitement to be home makes me smile. After I hung-up from her, I was sitting in the sun on my front steps and I closed my eyes. To myself I thought about her getting to Germany safely and having an amazing time with her family. Then I turned even further inward and just prayed for answers and for my pain to go away. I don’t want to be ‘faking’ happiness anymore. When I opened my eyes, a lady bug landed on the frame on my right leg. How cool 😉

Love and prayers for a consolidated right leg.

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