One Step Ahead

Well, Miss Irene has decided to continue her path toward New England. There is no way that I can afford to miss this appointment with Dr. Paley so dad and I are staying one step ahead of the menace. Now we fly out tomorrow morning instead of Sunday. Just in case… Sorry Hurricane Irene, but you aren’t bringin’ me down on this one. I win.

Sunday Maura is coming to visit and stay the night. I am so, SO excited to see her. Should make for a good time! My clinic appointment is Monday at 2:30. Fingers, toes and (as Aynsley would say) fallopian tubes crossed 🙂

Today was a much better day attitude-wise. Last night I managed to get a better night’s sleep thanks to a few glasses of wine and an amazing friend. Kelly was my teacher in sixth grade and has remained a very dear friend and confidant ever since. Last night, when things just seemed to be closing in, she was able to shine a little light on my stormy situation. Lately it seems like it’s always the little things that matter most. Physical therapy went better than it has the past few days. God love everyone that works there. They are more like family than anything. Flo was wonderful, as always, and gives the best hugs ever. Thank heaven for AMAZING friends and people in my life, that is all I can say and I know I have said it a thousand times before. But I would never be where I am right now without any of them.

Love. Always.

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