Dad and I got the LAST flight out of Boston for the rest of the weekend until Tuesday. Phew. Good thing we went ahead and called on Friday. They moved our flight free of charge too 🙂 The actual trip itself went just fine. Once again, I managed to stump security. More than two people asked me to romove the frame from my leg. As badly as I wanted to smack them, I withheld. Next thing I know I was in for the full pat down. Talk about awkward. Sheesh. The airline itself, Jet Blue, was very accommodating with wheelchairs and all. We were seated in the front row which allowed for plenty of leg room and intersting comments from fellow passengers. Irene decided to throw some fun in the mix and make the flight a tad bit turbulent at times. Good thing I don’t have a fear of flying otherwise I would have been having a full blown panic attack.

Sadly, the family from Chicago that I thought we were going to be able to see while in WPB left this morning. We just missed eachother. It has been two months or so since I have seen Jesse, Yana, little JoJo and baby Jonathan.

I miss this little guy.

When we arrived at our home away from home (Homewood Suites) Kateva was right at the front desk. It was so good to see her. Jesse and Yana left dad and I a bottle of wine and they bought me a cute little outfit. So sweet. All day I have had a smile on my face. What would make this entire trip completely worthwhile; hearing amazing news on Monday and if Julie and Shauna were here. Us girls will reunite soon enough.

It almost feels like I am on vacation but at the same time I have butterflies about Monday. Fingers crossed that all goes amazingly. The Patriots are playing tonight at 8. Trying to convince dad to go to a bar downtown to watch the game. We’ll see. Otherwise the crew at Homewoods better watchout, maniac Pats fan on the loose 🙂 Tomorrow Maura is coming to play and I CANNOT wait. Haven’t seen her beautiful face in a few months either.

Tatah for now. Those of you along the north eastern seaboard, do be careful. Don’t let Irene smack you around too much.


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