The Verdict

Plain and simple. My right leg has not healed. The moment I walked into the exam room and saw the xrays, I knew it. My emotions got the best of me and the flood gates opened. Shocker. After analyzing the films DP said that the gap was seven millimeters wide. The verdict: I have two choices.

1. If the frame is to come off then Dr. Paley would have to make an incision, about six inches long, on the front of my leg and place a metal plate and screws across the fracture site to stabilize the bone.
2. Allow the bone to heal on its own. Speed up the process and reduce the pain my turning the frame backwards making the two ends of the bone meet.

The thought of a huge incision and more implanted hardware just didn’t feel right. Then again, I fought through all that pain to gain the last few centimeters on my right leg and now I would lose a quarter of an inch? What?! DP promised that my bone would heal on it’s own, but even with turning the frame back it was going to be at least two more months. That really got the tears flowing. Another two months with this God-forsaken thing on my leg.

Once again, I just keep telling myself that it could be worse. The tears continued to flow all the way back to the hotel. Walking in the door, Kateva was standing at the counter and saw my face, she came right over and gave me a huge hug. When I tell you that the people who work here at Homewood Suites are more like family, I am so serious. Dominique also came over at dinner, gave me a hug, and told me everything was going to be ok. At least I would be coming back again for another visit 😉 Everyone here truly makes it home away from home.

Opting for choice number two, I made my first ‘backward’ turns this afternoon. At this point, it isn’t about getting the frame off, I just want the pain to stop. Tomorrow is a new day.


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