Love. Loss. Hope. Repeat.

Day 4 of antibiotics. Oh the predicaments that I find myself in. This entire surgery I haven’t had an issue with infections and now two in a row. Rude. I just want the hurt to GO AWAY. That isn’t too much to ask is it? Sometimes I feel like I am constantly repeating myself here over and over again. “Love. Loss. Hope. repeat.” Story of my life and in reality it is literally the same old stuff day after day. September rolled around and I told myself that I wanted to make big changes mentally and physically. Both have proven to be more difficult than I anticipated just because of my pain level. Don’t worry though, I’m not giving up. My eyes are on the prize.

To make time go by just a little bit quicker I have something exciting to look forward to in just a few weeks. Pops is buying me a plane ticket to Charleston for my birthday. So excited to go for a visit. Words can’t even describe how much I miss that place. So in the time being my goal is to re-learn to ride a bike, starting tomorrow in physical therapy. That way, when I am hOMe in SC for my visit, getting around will be just a little bit easier. Can’t flipping wait.

Until then I just have to wait and let the antibiotics work. Sigh. Today is definitely a good day for a nap šŸ™‚

Love and Zzz.

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