Don’t Dwell

Whoa baby. Lots on my mind today. Thank goodness most of it is positive. Phew.

So, I think I have previously mentioned that I am writing a book. This has been years in the making and thanks to a few crappy Dell laptops that decided to up and crash on me I have had to start over three or four times. Lucky for me, I invested in a mac (I will never go back) and am now 45 pages into my writing. Back when I started the first phase of my surgery I started a journal. Good thing because my memory is beginning to get a little foggy. So using the journal as my guide I have just been writing. There is a little structure to what I have but not much. It seems a lot more like word vomit in a Microsoft Word document. Good thing I have connections 😉 Today was actually pretty exciting. A friend at physical therapy has actually written a few books and has connections to a publisher or two. He suggested that I do my book proposal and then he would look it over before sending it off. Another good friend works for Beacon Press in Boston and once I have the proposal perfected she is going to forward it to her boss. So exciting!

Charleston is a week away and I am SO PUMPED. This is probably why I find myself in better spirits the past few days. Having one thing to look forward to makes a world full of difference. Already, I have been in touch with several friends and my ‘to do’ list for the 8 days I will be down there keeps getting longer and longer. Beach, yoga, bingo, farmer’s market, Kudu, Five Loaves, Fuel, music farm, kareoke, and lots of laughs are just some of the things. As I type all of this I can’t help but smile and feel giddy. Yay!

Cannot wait to see these girls.

Ok so here’s the last thing for today. Something that has been bothering me a little bit. Back in high school I used to feel like I would put so much time and energy into some of my friendships, the ones that I really cared about. You know how you meet someone and immediately you feel like ‘wow we are meant to be friends’? I had a few of those wow moments in high school and as much as I put into the friendship I began to feel like I was trying way too hard and the other person just didn’t give a crap. After going to college, it was really nice not having to worry about that. Until now. Just lately I feel like there are one or two people that I have fallen into that same situation with. I can’t help it if I wear my heart on my sleeve, that’s just me. Any one of my close friends, I would go to the edge of the earth and back for. Sometimes it’s nice to know that they would do the same. Right now, I’m not feelin’ it. All it takes is a phone call, right? Makes me very sad but I know that I have done my best. Trying not to dwell. It is those closest to me that are important.

Ok. Done. Too many exciting things to look forward too to be sad 🙂 Yeeeeeeeeeee!

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