BIG things

Bicycle. Elliptical. Lots of walking. Bam.

I think I may have finally gotten over than ginormous hump that has been looming in front of me for the past, oh I don’t know, three months? Over the past week I have been climbing onward and upward with no thought of looking back. I’m not sure why it has taken this long to instill in my brain that things are the way they are and I just have to accept it. Not worrying so much has taken a HUGE load off my shoulders. Well, ok, the boredom doesn’t help but I am finding new things to do so that I can stay busy. Having things to look forward to also helps.

The infection is finally GONE. Knock on wood. That one was a doozie and the three weeks worth of antibiotics were disgusting. But all I had to do was step back and re-analyze the situation. What if I didn’t have those antibiotics? Then there would be real reason to complain.

Physical therapy continues to be phenomenal. Not only are they kicking my butt, I get great friends and good laughs all at the same time. After knowing everyone at Plymouth Bay Physical Therapy for almost 14 years, they are more like family than anything else.

The book, the book, oh, the book. I think this whole thing may finally be coming together. ight now I am making my best attempt at a book proposal. And when I say attempt, I mean attempt. Clueless would be a perfect description of this attempt. Good thing I have developed a few connections to help me along the way. Fear not people, Kristen DeAndrade will be on the NYT Bestsellers List sometime in the future. Hang tight.

Another beloved set of xrays are scheduled for Monday. This time, I have no expectations. If my right leg has decided to heal, FANTASTIC! If not, oh well. Another month in the frame isn’t going to kill me 🙂

Oh and in case you have all forgotten, Charleston awaits my arrival on Tuesday. Holyshitpardonmyfrenchbutiamsoexcited!

Love (and a Patriots WIN on Sunday).

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