Round and Round

After today I am surely convinced that you can’t have the best of both worlds. After four weeks of antibiotics, the infection still lingers. So does the pain. Tomorrow I finish the most recent course of doxycycline and clearly something else has to be done. What you ask? After talking to one of the physician assistants on the phone, he suggested that I fax the most recent culture results to PALLI. By looking at the results they can determine what strain of bacteria is raising hell in my body. The biggest issue is that I am allergic to all Sulfa based medications and most antibiotics are indeed Sulfa based. Yaaaaaaaay! So if the infection is indeed worsening then I have to march my little fanny into the hospital for IV antibiotics.

Seriously? Round and round in circles we go. November 7th needs to come now. The only true cure is frame removal.

Sigh. Could be worse, right?


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