Happy and Frustrated?

Is this possible? Happy and frustrated all at the same time? Gah. Not cool.

Well let’s start happy anyway. The weather is gorgeous and it is so hard to focus on the negative when it is 75 and sunny outside. Yesterday I think I had a Vitamin D overdose, which I am completely ok with. Between hanging out at my favorite coffee shop working on my book and then laying in the park studying, it was a phenomenal day. Did I say studying? Sorry, what I meant was reading through GRE vocabulary and making up definitions that Aynsley and I found most fitting. Today it is supposed to reach 80 and the date is October 27th. Yes. Being surrounded by people that I love on a 24 hour basis also helps, a lot. Jess flies in from NYC today which means that the whole crew is united once again. This could make for some major hell raising.

“Studying” in the park 🙂        
Myself, Maggie and Joey out at Folly one night.

 Remember JoJo, the little boy from Florida who has continued to be an inspiration for me? I have been in touch with his parents since we parted ways over the summer. Since I last saw him, he has had the fixator removed from his right leg and now is having his other leg corrected. Initially, his parents were told that he would never walk. Yesterday, I got a text from his mother that he took his first steps with his brace on one leg and fixator on the other. He is a little trooper and at two years old he has taught me more than you could ever imagine.

Love this little guy.

Even looking at all of these positive aspects in my life I can’t help but feel like they are constantly overshadowed by the absurd pain and discomfort that continues on a day to day basis. As of now it is diagnosed as the wires loosening in my ankle and my body just down right rejecting the fixator. After eight months, if I was my leg, I would be rejecting it too. But I have found that music, laughing and keeping myself occupied help a lot. My fingers are crossed that my leg doesn’t ruin the weekend for me.

11 days and counting until I am free. Words could never possibly describe…


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