6 Days!

My Christmas is only six days away. What a long road it has been. But as I have said before, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Even though the past eight months have been the most painful, lonely and uncomfortable months of my life, it has all been worth it. My left leg has never been better and come Monday, my right one will be as good as new. It definitely is time for removal; my body hates me right now. What I thought was an on going infection has come to be my body just downright rejecting the hardware in my leg. Between the pain, swelling, drainage (such a gross word) and constant clicking in my ankle, this frame just has to come off.

With the removal I have so many little and a few big things to look forward to. The biggest; no more pain. But to wear pants again, oh my goodness, I cannot wait to put on a pair of jeans. It sounds so silly but I will never take that for granted ever again. And sneakers. I love my little size 2, pink, kids Merrills but I want to wear real lace up sneakers and boots. I want to curl up in the fetal position without tearing holes in my sheets. Yoga, oh my God I can’t wait to get back to yoga. I have done a few home practices here and there but there isn’t much that I can do without potentially hurting myself. Dancing. I want to blast Niki Minaj’s Superbass and cut some rug without taking a huge digger onto the kitchen floor. OK, I’ll stop now. But you get the idea.

Another thing. I’m a lucky girl to have such wonderful friends. People always say that you meet some of your best friends in college and I happened to have met one after college when I started working at the Children’s Hospital. Come November 15, we will be roommates. Can’t wait.

I hope everyone survived their Halloween festivities. Due to my constant discomfort I only went out on Friday night. Joined by my fellow Glee Cast members, we had a blast.

6 days baby. SIX DAYS!


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