Today’s THE Day!

Whew. I’m scared, shitless. To be expected right? With anesthesia and all; oh the risks. But I know that the outcome is going to be a new beginning and I can’t wait. So long as the nurses give me the good stuff as soon as I hop on that gurney, I will be good to go. Sigh. And the waiting game begins…


All done! Got into pre-op around 10:30 and they took me back around 1. Not too shabby. The staff was simply wonderful. Honestly, words just can’t describe the relief I feel. The outpouring of support and love from family and friends is incredible. Thank you SO much.

This brought tears to my eyes. Shauna and I met back in 2009 on the same floor in St. Mary’s after surgery. She’s a trooper and understands what most people never will. We live on opposite coasts but have a friendship that is priceless. We will always be there for each other. It’s an amazing thing.

Tonight, I anticipate the most amazing sleep ever. Fetal position and all!

Yes! Take it off 🙂
Removable cast and weight bearing as tolerated. Ecstatic.

Love, love, love!

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