Catastrophizing the Situation?

It is almost two weeks post-op. Things are going well; I have finally moved downtown which makes everything so much easier. Moving was a pain in the ass. (Isn’t it always?) But thank God I had some amazing help from my friend Dan. Things are coming together, slowly but surely.

On the other hand my right leg continues to throw me curve balls. About five or so days ago I got a sore on my right leg right over the osteotomy site. The sore started at the size of a quarter from the cast rubbing when I walk. Since it started I have been dressing it with Neosporin and sterile gauze and it seems to be healing very, very slowly. However, now it hurts like hell to wear the cast. When I am just sitting around I keep it off so the wound can be uncovered and heal. The swelling has gotten worse, not better and since it is right over the fracture site I am beginning to freak out just a little bit. Something tells me I am going to end up getting x-rays before the week is done to be sure that everything looks ok. Quite frankly, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Here is a little glimpse of what I am dealing with…

I’m sure this is exactly what you wanted to feast your eyes on.

So at the moment I am making my best attempt not to catastrophize the whole situation. I’m still allowed to have my moments right? Sigh.

On another positive note, I got a call from a publisher. Eeeeeeek. Until this whole situation gets worked out I am going to wait to call her back. Don’t want my plate to start overflowing. But we have been in touch via email as well so she knows what is going on. Fingers crossed.

Happy Thursday!

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