The Unexpected

Lovely x-ray eh?

Well, I made it to West Palm Beach. Arrived at the hospital at four o’clock for my clinic appointment yesterday. Everything went smoothly up until the point that I sat myself down in the room and looked at the computer screen showing my X-rays. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my legs. They are, after all, all I have. But one look at those pictures and I immediately felt a surge of hate for my right leg. The bone looked awful. So I figured DP was going to tell me that the cast was going to be my best friend for quite some time longer. Nothing ever prepared me for the word ‘surgery’ to come out of his mouth. So here I am, in WPB, by myself, with surgery on Monday. More hardware but thank God it’s internal; what they call a rush rod. Sigh. This was beyond unexpected. But they way I see it, it could have been worse. What if my leg had already fractured or bent?

Oy vey.


Amazingly peaceful

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