Life, Reality and Growth

Back to life and back to reality. Whoa baby. Work started with a bang yesterday. Well actually it started with a nice little message written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror from my lovely roommate/coworker Aynsley. It was my first full day back on the floor and aside from the aching in my right leg, it went really well. (That’s why I keep a bottle of Aleve in my locker!) For the next two weeks I am supposed to be orienting but, let’s face it, no orientation is truly necessary at this point. As soon as I stepped onto the floor everything came flooding back to me. Rather than orienting we can just say that I am easing back into things. I guess you could say that fate stepped in yesterday too. One of the admissions we had was a child with dwarfism who had an ex-fix on one of his legs. Talk about deja vu!?

Last night was my last group meeting with Jessica and company. So sad to see it come to an end but so grateful that I now have three wonderful women in my life to call my sisters. Over the past six weeks (should have been seven weeks but I missed out on one thanks to the rush rod fiasco) I have grown SO much. Words cannot possibly describe the changes that I have made, for the better. It’s truly incredible and an experience that I will carry with me forever. Looking back at when I first started, I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. If it hadn’t been for Elli, who introduced me to Jess, I would have experienced the growth that I have at this moment. Self respect and growth is a process and I am finally learning to have fun with it; let’s face it, I am capable of making this the best time of my life 🙂

Currently, I have several things that I am working on. Meditation is one of those; every day for 5 minutes. Sounds simple but it’s all about discipline and from what I have learned, that discipline is my way to freedom.

Recovery wise, today was a big day. Elli and I met as coach and student once again, God did that feel amazing. All of the talk over the past several months about getting back into physical activity and today was THE day. I think the phrase, “hurt so good” would best describe that training session. My physical rehab, like my emotional and spiritual growth, is also a process and learning opportunity and I’m ready.

“If it touches you, it is going to touch other people.”


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