This literally makes me sick to my stomach. After all that I have gone through, including having to defend my own reasons for going through with all of the surgeries, I see this and it just makes me begin to question everything.

Ok. (Calm down Kristen). Maybe it doesn’t make me question my personal decisions, I wouldn’t change anything that I have been through for the world. But it definitely makes me angry; mostly in part because I have been standing my ground that I did not choose to go through these procedures for cosmetic purposes. Now the public is further exposed to healthy individuals who literally just want to be taller. Sigh.

I love myself for who I am. I know that there is nothing that I can do to change, physically, who I am. The decisions of those who choose to go through with the lengthening procedures just to become taller are not a reflection of me or my decisions.

Double sigh.

Keep calm and carry on; don’t wait for that storm to pass.


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