Prayers for Liddy

You know how it has been said that you meet someone who reminds you of yourself as a child? It’s such a tingly familiar feeling, kind of amazing actually. There is a precious little girl who does that for me. Liddy has Achondroplasia just like myself. A couple of years ago, I met her and her mom Jen at a clinic appointment in West Palm Beach while Liddy was going through her first phase of lengthening surgery. Since that first meeting, we have been in touch here and there and I have caught up with them during recent visits to PALLI. Liddy has the same passion and love for life that I had when I was her age. And she reminds me so much of myself when I was her age; the happiness, determination and strength.

Recently I was asked what I remember most from all of the procedures that I have had since the age of 12. My answer was not the pain but the people.When I meet other kids (and adults) in similar and sometimes far worse situations to mine, who have smiles on their faces and so much positivity, it reminds me that I can make it out of what seems to be the deepest hole. Complete strangers have taught me more than a college level course. The friendships formed with hospital staff, patients and families have become something that I treasure.

This trip to West Palm Beach I was able to spend time with Liddy and Jennifer once again. As always, it is so nice to talk to those who understand you from an angle that most people don’t. Reflecting back on the days of going through the limb lengthening surgery and sharing my experience makes me so happy. The more I share it the more obvious it becomes that I truly am so grateful for all that I have gone through and to think that it gives hope to someone else? Phenomenal.

Tomorrow is a big day for Liddy. She goes in for her second lengthening procedure; one step closer to the end and I am so excited for her to continue her journey.

Liddy and I in December ’11

Please keep Liddy and her mom in your thoughts and prayers.


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