Date Set

March 22! The date is set and my surgical journey is about to come to an end. That only means one thing – the beginning of the rest of my life. Eeeek so exciting! Mom is going to be able to come down and be there with me which is also exciting. Pre-op is set for the 21 and then after the procedure they will keep me overnight for observation.

Knowing the rod coming out will make all of the aching go away is such a relief. Although I have enjoyed being able to predict the weather with this internal hardware šŸ™‚ In addition to the rod removal I am also going to have the scars on my arms revised. Scars on my tibias and femurs have already been done and I am so happy with them. Initially I was going to leave my arms alone but since this is the final surgery I figured, why not. No more anesthesia after this time around. ALL DONE.

Remember when I was talking about changing your thoughts and actions and how much that can impact your life and lead to happiness. Yeah. Well I have made HUGE strides in that area and I couldn’t be more thrilled. People continued to tell me that I had control over my thoughts and for awhile it seemed impossible. But recently I have noticed a BIG difference especially when it comes to work.

Rotating between days and nights is killer. Preferably I would like to work days and whenever I had to work nights I would literally be borderline panic attack before my shift. Why you ask? It was my thoughts. Continuously I kept expressing how I hated night shift and how messed up my sleep schedule became, etc. One night before going into work, it was raining and I was sitting in my car crying because I was dreading it so badly. How pitiful right? Well thanks to some amazing individuals in my life we were able to devise different ways for me to change my thoughts and decrease the anxiety.

Before I go into work, day or night, I tell myself that it is going to be a wonderful day/night. On my way to work I listen to my music and mentally prepare myself so that I walk into the hospital with a smile on my face. Throughout the shift I tell myself, “My coworkers appreciate me. My hard work is recognized. I am worthy. I am grateful for the paycheck that I receive.” You get the picture and let me tell you, it works. If I have a moment of frustration and I am able to take a walk, I do. Otherwise I find a quiet place where I can get out a quick cry or reach out to someone. Thankfully I work with some awesome people who love hugs. Sometimes, that’s all it takes šŸ™‚

Giving and receiving hugs is one of my favorite things in the world.


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