Creating Your Future

You have probably heard it many times before, that you can create your future. Some of you may immediately think to yourselves, “Yeah, yeah. Heard it all before.” Well let me tell you, I thought the same thing for years. Recently however, that all changed. During one of the pop-up classes I went to a woman was describing how years ago she wrote down everything that she wanted in life; a house, a husband, kids. She described the house right down to the last detail. Today, she has everything on that list that she wrote, right down to the last little detail. As I was sitting on my yoga mat listening to her talk I continued to think that such a thing was too good to be true.

About two weeks ago I was having one of my down days and finally gave in to creating a list of my own. One of the main things that I listed was a place to live here in Charleston. For the past three or four months I have picked people’s brains and scoured listings on craigslist and in the newspaper for a suitable apartment. Nothing. My desire is to find a one bedroom apartment in downtown Charleston. One that I can easily afford. Preferably with a nice little yard. Quiet. A kitchen with storage and counter space. Washer/dryer. Windows with lots of light and a porch. I wrote it all down in my journal.

This past Tuesday, after failing to sleep following a night shift, I went to my favorite little coffee shop downtown to do some writing and continue my search. Well, I struck gold. One little apartment stood out and I immediately called on it. The property manager agreed to show it the following day. Let me tell you, it’s a cute little apartment on the second floor of the building. HUGE front yard. Off-street parking and the cutest little patio you ever did see. There is a washer/dryer on the first floor. Lots of storage in the kitchen with a balcony. Windows with lots of light. The bedroom is bigger than the one I have now and it is right down the street from work and two of my good friends. Pretty much, exactly what I asked for AND in my price range. Even though I had to shell out $25 just for the rent application, I did it. Now, I wait. Hoping to hear whether or not I get it next week.

Send some good energy and create a vision for yourself.


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