A recent trip to the beach found me face to face with many starfish. They have always been a favorite creature of mine, obviously because they are found at the beach and I LOVE the beach. Recently, for many reasons, they have begun to take on a much deeper meaning.

The starfish is a symbol of hope and regeneration. A resilient creature that constantly regenerates it’s limbs and intuitively navigates the sea, the Star of the Sea symbolizes guidance, intuition, and vigilance. Think about it, these little guys/gals are by no means perfect. They have ‘legs’ of different lengths; some short and some long. Many starfish are even missing legs but they possess the ability to regenerate their limbs. Despite their different appearances, we still see them as beautiful and sought-after treasures.

Well isn’t interesting that we can see a little sea creature this way yet, most of the time, we have the inability to see past similar differences in ourselves? We focus more on our imperfections than the little miracles we enable everyday. You can make the choice to change that.

Let’s learn from the Stars of the Sea. Take life as it comes. Live in the moment. Accept others for who they are not what they look like. Love yourself for who you are. Have hope and carry on.

We are all exactly where we are supposed to be. Let your inner star *s h i n e*



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