Beautiful Learnings

When it comes to life recently, I have begun to take away something from everyday experiences. These things are what I am calling my ‘Beautiful Learnings.’ This list continues to grow but I figured that I would share what I have compiled thus far…

I have learned to see a missed opportunity as an open door for a better one.

I have learned that if you are in love, it shows.
I have learned that happiness attracts happiness and vice versa.
I have learned to always listen to my heart even when I have doubts.
I have learned that I can always take care of someone I love even when I’m not taking care of myself.
I have learned that a simple smile from a stranger can make even the worst of days better.
I have learned that asking for help can truly be empowering.
I have learned to focus on what I DO have rather than focus on what I DON’T.
I have learned that even at my weakest, I can find strength.

I have learned that, with a little mind power, dreams do come true. 
I have learned to take something away from every experience whether it is positive or negative. 
I have learned that laughter makes the heart grow stronger.
I have learned that communication is the core of every relationship. 
I have learned that crying is a sign of strength not weakness.
I have learned that if you ask time to slow down, it will. 
I have learned that conquering fears creates new opportunities.
I have learned to love myself more than anyone else.
I have learned how to find beauty in everything that I encounter.
I have learned that every successful person has a painful story and every painful story has a successful ending.

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