Pain… is love?

The word PAIN. We see it, hear it, speak it and it immediately sparks a negative, even fearful attitude. But what if we could really learn from our painful experiences?

My story – all of the surgeries that I have been through – have caused me physical pain and living with short stature has brought me my fair share of emotional pain as well. Everyone of us has a story and we all deserve to be heard. When I was in pain I felt sorry for myself, my focus was self pity which made it far worse. Trust me, I still have these moments but gradually I have begun to make a shift. When in pain, I experience gratitude, even if it’s just the tiniest bit. By allowing myself to do so I have opened my heart and mind to the lessons, past and present, that pain has presented me with.

My biggest life lesson, to this day, pain causes change. With every inch of physical growth that I achieved during the lengthening and adjustment process, I also found personal growth. My physical growth was obviously a little more rapid, not many people can say that they grew six inches in four months šŸ™‚ Sometimes the changes I saw were negative but most were positive. Each brought about a new learning experience and made me who I am right now, in this very moment.

So it is also fair to say that pain is a great teacher. Life can be so intoxicating. Often we find ourselves focused on the bigger moments that the little ones pass us by. When we hurt, our attention is directed to the smaller yet valuable gifts in life; a smile or hug, for example.

For every day that we have living, not one is just like the other. Imagine that they were all the same, filled with the same happiness. Wouldn’t that be boring? Pain makes life interesting and let’s us know that we are alive. Our pain is the privilege that we have of living, our admission ticket for our amazing journey that we have here on earth.

We all share pain. Our experiences may be different but the feeling is the same. For all of us pain can hurt, it breaks our hears, it shows us where our deepest wounds are. So doesn’t that make us all connected? Surely it does.

At a young age I learned deep pain could seep into my soul. Looking back, it was hard, however it softened my heart, taught me that I was and still am in control and thus maturity also stemmed. Not my body, my mind and spirit. Quickly my softened heart held a sympathetic space for others and I accepted my friends for who they were not what they were.

My biggest opportunity, bravery, stemmed from my pain. In the face of adversity I continued with what I knew to be right for me. Through all of the criticism I continued to hold my head high and held onto my coice to endure pain and achieve my goal of a better life. From my bravery came my willingness to surrender to what I could not control and the confrontation of my fears. That beautiful surrender connected me to some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Today, as I continue to accept and surrender, people I am truly grateful for continue to enter my life.

The next time you feel pain, express gratitude, take it as an opportunity to be brave, learn from it and grow. Soften your heart and extend it to others. We are all connected, we all experience pain, we all have a story. Surrender to it and be patient. Pain is love.



One thought on “Pain… is love?

  1. Jessica Rueger says:

    What a wonderful blog! I love the words you choose to express your experience. Thank you for being willing to share your pain with us. I heard once that Pain is Manditory-Suffering is Optional. May we all learn and heal from our pain! Thank you!

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