Be Open and Honest

Honesty and truth are a virtue. First, to start, you need to tell the truth to yourself about yourself. Be honest on every angle. When we are honest and true to ourselves, amazing things happen. Putting myself “out there” means being brave, staying strong and having the confidence to know I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to. Different types of challenges follow all of us when paving a new path, taking the plunge into something different or even picking back up after some time away.

“Be yourself.” There’s nothing more true than this statement. Staying true to yourself doesn’t always mean you’ll choose the popular path, but it does mean that you’ll follow your instincts and will let your personal values guide your choices in life. Don’t be afraid — you’ll be respected and looked up to for this incredible quality.

 For the longest time, I felt like I had to be more than who I really was to overshadow my short stature — to make up for the fact that I am different. I am a little person. But being little certainly does not define me. Especially at work I would go out of my way to be anyone but myself in order to mask the fact that I was different. (Please Kristen, you cannot hide the truth) Right?! I know, so ridiculous.

For the past three days I have done back to back to back 12 hour shifts at work. Needless to say, I have gotten to know some of the families on our unit very well. While in a room yesterday, a mom asked me about the scars on my arms. The limb lengthening surgeries aren’t the first topic of conversation with people whom I am not well acquainted. But when asked, I don’t hesitate to tell them the truth. So I told mom a short, sweet version of my medical history. Her response: WOW. She didn’t realize such a thing was possible. After our discussion she thanked me for my honesty, my care for her little boy and then gave me a hug.

Being honest and true to yourself can be one of the most challenging prospects life throws our way — especially when making waves in business or making drastic life changes. Regardless, authenticity is respected, admired and is the driving factor of those who achieve the success born in dreams. By maintaining your true self, the world will relate to you, will want to know you and will certainly provide the opportunities necessary to reach the stars.

Be open and be honest.


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