Love The One You’re With

After an amazing free yoga class this morning led by rockstar Elli, I left still feeling blah. Knowing that I have to work night shift tonight was certainly part of it, as nights aren’t my favorite. But there was something more, a sort of disconnect, if you will. Before wrapping up class, Elli suggested that we all take 5-10 minutes out of our day today and just sit. No technology, just sit wherever you find yourself and be.

After class I walked up the street to where the local farmer’s market was taking place, a prime breakfast spot 🙂 What I couldn’t help but notice was the amount of people on their cell phones; even people who were walking with a group of friends. Here it was, a beautiful October Saturday morning and they were missing it all. The sights, smells and sounds of just being in such a beautiful city. (Geez, from now on I am going to be very conscious of my technology use.)

When I got to the park, I picked a nice little spot in the shade under a tree and sat down; really thinking about what E had said in class. So I put my phone away and just sat; looking, feeling, listening. It is unbelievable to me how much I still take for granted. And suddenly I realized my disconnect, why I felt so uncomfortable; neglect.

Sometimes I find myself very focus on how others view me. They way they look at me while walking down the street, watching some people giggle of whisper. But I don’t honestly know what they are reacting too and I never will.

What I do know? I am me, Kristen. Maybe I am little but I am loved, I am strong, I have a story, I love to laugh and I will never be alone because I always have me. So where does this all tie in? Over the past couple of days my focus had shifted to everything and everyone but myself. I was neglecting me. By sitting in the park and just being not caring what anyone else was doing or saying, I disconnected from everything that didn’t matte at the time and reconnected with what did, myself.

Take the time and love the one you’re with. You.


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