Toe Taps and Smiles

One of my favorite places at hOMe here in Charleston is Kudu Coffee. I come here almost every week to sit in the courtyard and write or visit with friends. It is one of the many places in this city that just makes me smile from ear to ear. A few moments ago, as I was sitting here listening to my iTunes and writing, my feet were tapping to the beat on the ground.

Now I know what you’re thinking, BIG whoop. You do it all the time right? Well fourteen years ago, I couldn’t tap my feet on the ground unless I sat on the very edge of the chair to the point that I was almost about to fall off. Sometimes I would sit, with my legs sticking straight out off the seat and look down wondering what it would be like to have my feet rest flat on the ground beneath me; to sit and cross my legs.

Right now, peering over the side of my seat, both of my feet are resting happily on the wooden porch below me. Just typing that makes me crack a smile and feel extremely grateful for all I have been through. Just a happy moment that I thought I would share 🙂

Only a few weeks left until I venture back to WPB for the Palm Beach Marathon to represent The Paley Foundation. I have yet to reach my fundraising goal. Please help. Share with your friends. Every little bit counts.

Next time you find yourself tapping your toes on the ground to the beat of your music, crack a smile and be grateful.


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