Forming attachments to material objects, people and even feelings or certain emotions can leave us ungrounded or just off our rocker completely. It’s unhealthy.

Social media has taken over and personally,  I need to take a break. Why should a web page that broadcasts what people are eating, where they are or how they are feeling dictate my life!? Oh my God I think someone just liked my status – let me check and recheck 500 times within an hour to see how many comments I get. Attached much? Yes. And I (we?) am not the only one. No more. My Facebook and social media usage (except for little legs) is being limited. I refuse to be attached to my computer and iphone all of the time. These technological attachments lead me to create stories in my head. Yuck.

We can’t always be happy. Things happen and we get scared, sad or angry. Sometimes you can be neither of those emotions and just simply be. When we become attached to certain feelings, it’s hard to just be. We feel like we may be doing something wrong when we aren’t happy. So not the case. But just be cause we may not feel happy all of the time doesn’t mean that we can’t change how we feel. Make the choice to accept your feelings of fear, sadness or anger, feel them and then choose to do whatever it takes to find your happiness again.

People in our lives come and go. This is a huge one for me. When I was a child, I had a core group of friends and one very best friend. My thoughts back then were: these are going to be my friends for the rest of my life. When I grew apart from all but three of them, I was devastated. And now, I almost hate to admit it, these same feelings come up sometimes. People come into my life who, at the time, I envision being a link on my friendship bracelet forever. Many of these individuals have played a role throughout my surgical journey or healing and personal growth. Despite my knowing deep down inside that ‘what’s meant to be is meant to be’ I continue to find it difficult when our paths diverge and we go our separate ways.

So it all comes down to attachment. Being attached to material things and people means that we are giving them unrealistic attributes – perceiving them as able to give us everlasting happiness. Not true. We view them as being permanent and unchanging so when they leave or change and don’t result in happiness… you guessed it: we suffer. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn off your feelings or hideaway. Just remember that everything and everyone are always changing. Change isn’t a bad thing! It brings us happiness! Ride out the waves and take things as they come. The only attachment we need to make is one to ourselves. We have ‘us’ for the rest of our lives 🙂


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