Inner Warrior

Somewhere inside all of us is a fighter, an inner warrior. That warrior is focused, determined and fearless. That warrior will go after whatever it wants and won’t take no for an answer.

We don’t choose everything that happens in life. Sometimes, in the midst of happiness and triumph, we come upon a large brick wall blocking our path. One that just refuses to crumble and give way. Initially we see this wall as a stopping point – everything appears to be over and instead we are the ones that fall to our knees feeling helpless and unsure of what to do next.

At this moment, something inside us ignites. Our inner warrior’s torch is lit and the wall doesn’t stand a chance. In life, in order to move on and persevere, we must break away from what holds us down. Whatever it is – it doesn’t define you. Isolate it. Make it your enemy. In this case, allow that anger to fuel your empowerment and just feel that torch burn brighter.

It’s the ultimate motivator: you’re inner warrior versus your brick wall. Just imagine what your inner warrior wears, what he/she looks like. Personally, I am a huge fan of glitter and to help make my world shine I envision my inner warrior wearing a bad-ass glittery cape.

*[{Truth time: I have a glitter cape. We had ‘Super Hero’ day at work and I wasn’t going to just march around as Batman. So I declared my own entity. They didn’t know it but everyone that I encountered that day got a little glimpse of my inner warrior. BAM. My badass-glittery-inner warrior cape hangs on my bed post; easily accessible if I ever feel like I need to ignite that fire.}]*

Back to the nitty-gritty… everything comes down to action. Create an ‘action’ mindset. Make the choice to do something about that god-for-saken brick wall that stands in your way. Refuse to choose sadness and fear. Every time giving up seems like the easier choice put on your cape and remember what it feels like to soar.

Recently, I was reminded of my inner warrior thanks to an amazing woman. We gathered at the park here in Charleston to celebrate Caryn and her amazing strength after she found herself standing in front of her own very tall brick wall. Read more about her story and donate to an amazing cause here. During an inspiring yoga practice, surrounded by love from so many different people and nature, warrior pose took on new meaning. We approach our yoga warrior stance as a way to create stability, leading to inner strength, and a way to find essential elements of our spiritual selves. Needless to say, by warrior poses are going to be a little more badass from now on. Yes, full of glitter too.

Warriors 🙂

Following a phenomenal practice, everyone released lanterns into the evening sky. The experience was one I will never forget. The love was flowing and it was awesome.


That’s what it’s all about and where it starts. Love.

Love ignites the fire. Love keeps our inner warrior’s torch burning. We must first love ourselves, yes. But love from others is also very powerful. Accept it. Acknowledge it.

No matter what your situation is… Love. Put on your cape. Light your fire. Soar. Knock the shit out of that wall.

Be a warrior.


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