We have all found ourselves at a point of vulnerability right? Most of those experiences are often cast in somewhat of a negative light. At least when I thought of vulnerability I immediately get a jolt of negativity. Until recently of course 🙂

Actually, let me set the stage for you… one recent incident jumps right into my mind… this past Saturday at work I was attempting to multitask like crazy. Most of the time this wouldn’t cause any trouble for me but on this particular day I placed myself in a very vulnerable position and thus lost a battle with about 12 IV poles. Now I have a very big bruise and sore right leg to prove it. Needless to say, I have learned my lesson: next time I attempt to juggle more items than my arms can hold, I will ask for help. My negligence caused my vulnerability that day and the outcome was mostly negative. However, I have learned that there is also a positive side to being vulnerable. This instance taught me NOT to place myself in such a situation again and ask for help when I need it. We all have a few limitations in life and on Saturday I learned that my arms can only hold so many items until I end up on the ground with crap strewn about the floor. (Honestly I wish someone could have witnessed the show because I’m sure it was comical) Enough about my clumsiness. Let me get to the point, I have a good one, I promise.

What if being vulnerable was actually a positive act on our part more often than we initially perceive? What if I told you that making ourselves vulnerable opens the door to love and allows us to access our true inner strength? In my last post you met a warrior and friend of mine, Caryn. This past Friday I took a yoga class with her (she is finally back on the mat teaching and I am SO excited) and she told us to make ourselves vulnerable during class. While in downward dog I was racking my brain as to what she meant by this. Why the hell would I want to make myself vulnerable? Then, while in plank, it clicked…

By allowing vulnerability and love in we let our guard down or let go of the resistance toward a person or situation. Our initial resistance to anything really is usually experienced as a kind of armor. Ironically enough, our suit of armor inflicts more self-suffering than it does protection. On the surface, it seems like our armor is there to keep harm out. However it actually cuts us off from our own love. We are limiting ourselves.

When I observed my own lack of vulnerability on the mat that day, trying a little harder or going farther into certain poses to a point I’d never imagined, it was an uncomfortable feeling that cut off any possibility of feeling something positive. In other words, you don’t know unless you freakin’ try! The actual outcome of our vulnerability isn’t always going to be positive (like my falling into a forrest of IV poles or maybe falling out of a yoga pose) but we can always learn something positive from the experience. Resistance to vulnerability separates us from our own healing and positive energy as well as our ability to experience love and connection with others and ourselves. When I let go and just went for it, I experienced this crazy release of energy and love. AMAZING.

What do you say to taking chances or jumping off the edge? Being vulnerable. Say yes. No. I lied. Say YES! This morning, I woke up and did just that. Reaching out to a close friend, I emailed her my query that I will be submitting to a literary agency. Totally vulnerable right?! I mean, c’mon! You can’t be anymore vulnerable that taking a leap of faith into the unknown. One of two things could happen at this point: Little Legs. Big Heart. could be on the road to book form or they reject my offer and I have to try again with another agency. Right now, in this moment, I have chosen to accept the possibilities as they are and everything that I am feeling; currently typing this I am shaking in my shorts excited.nervous.happy! The fear that doing this will just feel really bad and just keep getting worse is not true and now, deep in my heart, I know this.

So here is a little experiment for you. For over a year I have put myself out [here] on Little legs. Big Heart. So now I invite you to do the same. Let me know why you read, what you find inspiring, share your experience, just say hi, ‘like’ or share my page on Facebook.

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Be vulnerable 🙂


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