Between A Rock and A Hard Place

You know that quote, “I have found myself between a rock and a hard place”? Well it rang true for me yesterday. Except I have found myself against a giant boulder rather than a little rock. That ‘boulder’ is a  force which is restricting my motives in one specific situation. How do I do it?!

Today at work I cared for a patient who, initially, I thought was just another ordinary ortho patient. But when I went to chart on the computer, I froze after reading the diagnoses: bilateral PFFD and fibular hemimelia on the left side. Why would these cause me to react in such a way? Both of these conditions are ones that Dr. Paley treats in both children and adults, enabling them to walk on their own two legs. Knowing this, I stared at the patients room and knew that they were most likely unaware of Dr. Paley’s expertise.

What is this boulder I find myself staring at? So badly, I wanted to walk into that patient’s room and inform them of what I knew and give that little boy hope of walking straight and upright someday. The hard place? HIPPA. For me to do such a thing is a major violation and could cost me my job.

Leaving work, my heart sank; even though I knew that during my 12 hour shift, I did all I could, legally, to make my patient as comfortable as possible. My only choice was to trust that the little boy was in the best hands he could possibly be in. Sometimes I have to remind myself that, “what’s meant to be, is meant to be.”

Still, I am sad about it.

On the bright side, today I skated around a shoe store in a pair of amazing, glittery rollerskates. Not only were my friend and I laughing – I’m pretty sure that we highlighted the employee’s day too. That’s one way to feel better 🙂


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