Kids. They Listen.

Oh the beach. Lucky am I to live so close to many beaches here in Charleston. One of my favorite quotes, “Saltwater cures everything. Sweat, tears or the ocean.” The latter could not be more true.

Since the weather has finally started to cooperate here in Charleston, the beach has been calling my name repeatedly. It doesn’t matter what time of day you go either, morning, afternoon or evening.

Anyway, yesterday a couple of friends and I went later in the afternoon. When everyone else was leaving, we had just arrived. The crowds had dispersed and Sullivan’s Island couldn’t have been anymore perfect for an afternoon in the ocean.

I will be the first person to tell you, once my feet hit the sand, two things happen: my excitement level rises and my maturity level drops. You know the people who you categorize as ‘too old’ to be playing in the sand or frolicking in the waves with an inflatable dolphin? Well that person is me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You know what they say don’t you? YOLO! You only live once 🙂

Ok, back to my story. So I was sitting along the shore working on a most perfect sandcastle while my friends took a walk. Out of nowhere this little girl comes sailing over my head and does a modified cannonball into the tide pool right next to me. She scared the living shit out of me and for a hot second I thought that I was going to have to preform CPR on the child. But to my relief she surfaced and continued to splash around in the tide pool. It was rather entertaining.

When she realized what I was doing, she asked if she could help and of course I obliged. When it comes to playing in the sand, I will never turn down company. Cadence and I became quick friends. Her little sister Porche also joined in the fun.

When it comes to my short stature, kids are never afraid to acknowledge it. Well let me rephrase that, kids are never afraid to nicely acknowledge it. (Adults do it all the time but they are so ignorant and rude about it) One of the greatest things about kids? They listen. It may not seem like it sometimes, but they do.

As they girls and I continued to play in the sand, Cadence looked up at me and asked. “What do they call you?” Up to this point, nothing had been brought up about my size. SO I asked her what she meant by her question. “Well you’re small. So what do they call you?” she asked again. At this point, I knew what was coming. But before I could even answer her, she said, “I’ve heard people use the word midget. Is that a mean word to use?”

All I wanted to do was reach across the sand and hug that little girl. At six years old, she said/asked it better than any adult ever could. “Yes, it is a mean word,” I told her. “You can say little person though.” Her response to me? “Ok. I will.”

God love her.

We played for a little while longer and then waved good-bye when it was time to go.

My heart was smiling. Kids are awesome.


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